Extensive collections

Cheb Museum is the largest museum, in terms of the size of its collection, in Carlsbad Region. Established in 1873, it opened to the public a year later. Modest premises were found in the rear part of Pachelbel’s House (also known as the Town House), one of the most preserved medieval patrician houses in the town.

Historic treasures

The Cheb antependium, (a decorative altar hanging),is arguably one of the most notable exhibits displayed in the museum. It is a rare embroidery most likely created by nuns of the convent of the Poor Clares (Cheb) around 1300. It is an impressive relic of artistic handiwork from the Bohemian Region.

The collection also includes the oldest dated bell in the Czech lands (circa 1286), gothic and baroque statues, examples of Cheb’s baroque rifles and the Hallwich collection – a rare set of ivory carvings depicting the most prominent characters of Thirty Years‘ War (1618 and 1648). You can also visit a few rooms with the Wallenstein collection (one of the greatest generals of the Thirty Years War)

Cheb Museum

Historic exhibition